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A Homestuck-inspired RP Community

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Name:Replay Value: A Homestuck-inspired RP Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Chat and paragraph-style OC and fantroll roleplay

The world dies a thousand subtly different times, in light and fire and ash. In its place is a story that coerces you to stay on its path, being forced to rely on strangers, a Game that threatens you with death by glitches, prophecies, soul-twisting, magic, corruption, and the struggle to stay alive and whole - in a multiverse that has made it clear that you are a pawn, a piece to tell a story with, and not a person. You pass through the Door, wake up in an unfamiliar room, and become just another Replayer, forever barred from the Ultimate Reward and replaying Sburb by no fault of your own (except, perhaps, competence).

It becomes clear: Sburb has swallowed you whole. What do you do?
About This Universe
Replay Value is an AU of Homestuck, based upon the fanfiction Sburb Glitch FAQ by GodsGiftToGrinds. It features slice-of-life play in a setting filled with existential horror, an extensive mythos including an elaborate AU variant of Sburb classpect typology, and highly realistic depictions of emotional trauma.
About Us
Daily life in the world of the Replayer takes place in a set of IRC channels on the IRC network, centered around the hub channel, #replayvalue. We are open to passers-by, new players, and new characters at any time! (Note that we do not accept new players here - please apply by joining the IRC channel.)

Other major hubs of archives for this AU include the Tumblr and Archive of our Own (note: unmoderated tag, may include non-representative examples). We even have a TVTropes page!
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